Cape Cod – Hyannis, MA – Directions

Cod Report, Saturday, December 4, 2010


Capt. Joe Huck on the Helen H called their last trip out on Saturday an “okay” trip, and clarified that rating quickly: “It was a tough pick, but we put enough of a catch together to call it a day of cod fishing.” Working up on the edge of Nantucket Shoals, patrons managed a pretty decent flurry of mixed-size cod, from sub-legals to keepers-nothing big-plus a scattering of small pollock. The action is still mostly on jigs, and generally centered on an average depth of around 160 feet. The trouble Saturday-what ultimately put a dent in the bite-was tough drift conditions and scattered fish. On arrival, as they worked a small, relatively confined pile of fish hanging on a tight piece of bottom, a wind-against-tide drift held the Helen more or less stationary over the marks. As the wind came up out of the NW-backing the tide-the drift went from nil to way-too-much quite rapidly, Putting Huck back in search mode. After a series of moves and pretty minimal catching in the middle of the day, they managed to get back on the site of the morning action (now with less wind and less tide, and much more manageable drift conditions), and chipped away right to the buzzer. Huck wanted to be very clear that the fishing was tough go, far from a bailjob. Unfortunately, there’s all kinds of wind in the forecast, but captain and crew are standing by for the next brief pause in the weather. Best bet, if you’re trying to get a day in sometime in the near future, is to call the office and get on the list: 508-790-0660.
As noted in the last report, The Helen will be headed for Montauk within a week or two, where she’ll be joining forces with the Capt. Lou to work on what has been a wide-open cod bite south of Block Island. Call the office for further details, or check you mailbox for a brochure that will be en route shortly.