Cape Cod – Hyannis, MA – Directions

Cod Fishing On For Tomorrow, January 11


Capt. Joe Huck and the crew of the Helen H are now set up in their Montauk winter berth, and chomping at the bit to get Trip One behind them. All reports from the grounds south and east of Block Island suggest multiple bodies of mainly small and market-sized codfish scattered across a wide area, with some pockets of bigger fish. Some of the harder pieces across the area have also been holding some better fish-though you can expect the vast majority of the fish to between 22-inch keeper size and 8 or 10 pounds.
Most of the best fishing has been in drift mode, over open-bottom areas holding decent amounts of bait in the form of herring and mackerel. Jigs-standard diamond jigs in the 6- to 12-ounce range, hammered or regular finish-best imitate the bait cod are chasing, and a variety of teaser styles have also gotten the job done. Best bet is to carry a range of jig sizes, and swing the smallest one you can get away with, given the conditions.
Capt. Joe had some second thoughts about his choice to cancel Saturday’s scheduled run, as weather turned out to be much nicer than forecasted. Still, he noted, travel conditions were not to pretty, and in hindsight, it’s probably best that his regular guys didn’t make the trek to Montauk through snow squalls.
Plans are to get away from the dock tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11, sailing at 3 a.m. and returning sometime around 3 p.m. With yet another snow event, its severity yet to be determined, bearing down on the region on Wednesday, there’s the possibility of cod putting on a wild feed, as they’re known to do with big low-pressures approaching. Regardless of the barometric cod theory, weather forecasts look favorable, and if all goes as expected, tomorrow should be a fine day on the winter ocean. To make a reservation (required for this limited-load trip) now, call the Helen H office (508-790-0660) or the Capt. Lou Fleet: 516-623-5823.