Cape Cod – Hyannis, MA – Directions

Cod Trip Sunday February 27, 2011



Today we headed out at 12am to battle cod southeast of Block Island.The reports from the fleet was just a pick. So we went into search mode.The cod are feeding on large schools of herring and sand eels and not holding to any particular piece of bottom. After 35 minutes of looking we found what we where looking for (see pictures in Helen H Photo Gallery).

Before the anchors where tight, rods where bending. As fast as you hit the bottom you had one or two on. By daybreak over half the anglers where brought to submission and in the cabin relaxing. Shortly after the rest had enough and we made our way home.


Looks like the next day out will be  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Still windy for Thursday waiting for the 4 PM forecast.

Capt. Joe Huck