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Fabulous 2 Day Tuna Trip


2 Day Tuna Trip September 10 & 11, 2011

We headed to the end of a sizeable slug of warm water, and steamed down to a near-10-degree break (65 degrees up against 74-plus degrees) between Hydrographer’s and Veatch’s Approaching the break Saturday morning, Joe noted the water—while blue—was a bit cloudy for the first mile of the transition. It was right around 74.5 degrees that water abruptly turned a brilliant, crystal-clear cobalt blue and—not surprisingly—rods went off. Shortly thereafter, a nice 20-pound-class mahi and several yellows were chilling in the slush box. Through the day on Saturday, they worked a temp line, following that 74.5-degree (or thereabouts) water, keeping a very close eye on the boat’s Furuno scanning sonar, which lets him mark fish way outside the boat’s track.

By sundown, the crew had boated nearly 30 yellowfins, both on the trolled lures, and by slinging jigs during troll hook-ups—bird-dogging a few extra fish out of every hook-up. Set up for the night just after sundown, the boys had a flurry of fish that put five yellows in the boat, followed by a prolonged lull until roughly 2 a.m., when the bite on bait and jigs was hot up to the dawn hours. Back on the troll early, they managed a few more tuna. Right around 9 a.m., Something took off screaming with a giant black/purple jethead in its face, and 12-year-old Tyler Huckemeyer—Joe’s number-one son—took the rod. Fifteen minutes and four wild runs later, Wee Huck watched as his prize, 70-pound slammer of a wahoo, came aboard with a pair of gaffs in its head.

Congratulations, Tyler, on a fine fish to punctuate your first-ever tuna trip! For what it’s worth, in a season when it looks like most of the action is going to unfold at points east, the Helen’s Hyannis slip puts her much closer to the fishing grounds/waters for a shorter ride. There are still openings on some of the upcoming two-day trips, which sail Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday well into October, leaving early-morning and returning early the following evening. Call the office for further details, rates, reservations and scheduling updates: 508-790-0660.

Our final count was: