Fluke Trips Summer 2016 | Helen H Fleet


Fluke Trips Summer 2016

June 27th, 2016

It was a great week of offshore fishing fluke and seabass.

Lots of fluke in the 7-11 pound range and seabass 3-6 pounds. Great weather and conditions almost every day, with one exception where we had wind against the tide most of the day, though we still ended up doing well.

The office has been confirming reservations on all fluke trips and a number of trips that were sold out now have some openings. Call the office for dates, 508.790.0660

Rich Garofalow

Park Rudge, NJ

11-2 pounds

John Menchicchi

Lyndenhurst, NY

9-5 pounds

Mike Murray

philadelphia, PA

9-5 pounds

Wit Tweedy

Lyndenhurst, NY

9 pounds

Tom Donoughue

Wall Township, NJ

10-1 pounds

Dean Veratti

Springfield, MA

9-9 pounds

Shimano dealers trip with a load of jumbo seabass