Cape Cod – Hyannis, MA – Directions

Big Double Digit Fluke Day!!!


Bob Vitro of true Life Taxidermy, Middletown NY (the premier taxidermist in the northeast) had his Nantucket Fluke charter yesterday. Excellent fishing on fluke and seabass through the day with great size on both. During the day when we were able to shake a boat or two in the area we were able to hit one of the big fish rips we like for 8 double digit fluke and a load of seabass in the 4-6 pound range.

Here are a few of them:

Bob Vitro with Mike Riis, Louie Lacona,

Louis Squiciarino, and Damon Porcelli, all members of Omerta Piscatorial Society fishing club on Long Island

10.4, 11.5, 10.5, 11.4, 10.3 lbs each

Pat Rafferty

Milltown, NJ


Dan Liberati and Mike Riis

White Plains, NY

10.3 and 11.5 lbs

Joe McGowan Jr.

Orange County, NY

33″, 12.6 pounder

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