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Porgy, Sea Bass, Fluke, Cod, Pollock Report, June 21-25

A lot’s happened in the last four days aboard the Helen H, one of the reasons we held off an extra day to update the fishing reports. Please note that we’re trying to stick to a rigid schedule, compiling reports on Mondays-leading out of the weekend and into the new week-and on Thursdays-leading into the […]

Porgy/Sea Bass Report, June 18-21

“We’re about at the tail end of porgy time,” said Capt. Joe Huck of the Helen H. After an explosive early start to the season, the skipper has seen water temps spike dramatically over the last week, with a reading of 67 degrees on Sunday’s run. That rapid warming has definitely taken a toll on […]

Porgy and Sea Bass Report, June 15-18

Congratulations are in order for the Fish Hawk’s skipper, Capt. Joe Weinberg, who, as you read this is celebrating the arrival of his brand new baby daughter. The wee lady entered the world on Sunday afternoon, and Weinberg took a brief pause from his post Sunday afternoon. So it was that Capt. Joe Huck took […]

Porgy and Sea Bass Report, June 11-14

Capt. Joe Huck was watching a flurry of nice porgies swing aboard the Helen H when I caught up with him Monday evening. He was pleased to finally be enjoying some banner early summer weather: a light breeze out of the west, bright sun headed toward the horizon, and mill-pond-flat seas. After some scouting coming […]

Porgy and Sea Bass Report, June 5-11, 2010

I caught up with Capt. Joe Huck of the Helen H late Thursday evening, as he soaked up the last precious minutes of a forced day off from Porgy Madness. Thursday’s trips-both morning and afternoon-were scrubbed due to hard easterly winds in the forecast, and Joe’s reluctance to leave long-distance customers hanging with a last-minute […]

Some Changes To The Site Moving Forward

Any of y’all who spend any regular time aboard know that the Helen H crew-including, of course, every captain of every one of the five boats in the growing fleet, the mates, the office, the galley folks-know that these folks stay in perpetual motion. Like any family-run and operated party and charter operation, the Helen […]

Porgy Fishing Report, June 2-6, 2010

Capt. Joe Huck on the Helen H continued the daily porgy grind this week, and remains upbeat about the quality of the fishing, adding that the sea bass ratio improved from Wednesday afternoon on. He’s been a bit surprised to find the porgies are still in “herd” mode, cruising the open bottom in shoal water […]

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